We are delighted to tell you about our Celtic Journeys to IRELAND, SCOTLAND, WALES and CORNWALL. These trips continue to be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for countless people who have gone with us, again and again… For some, the trips are a kind of pilgrimage, for others a return to their roots, and for many simply a vacation

Being on one of our Celtic Journeys is like an adventure of the spirit! There is always the possibility of the unexpected on these trips, along with a hint of mystery. The basic itinerary is certainly followed, yet we allow time for special stops along the way. Yet, certainly expect a few surprises!

Each country we visit has a detailed itinerary, for future trips as well as recent ones. Often the itineraries are similar, so if you missed going with us, you can get a sense of what the next trip will be like.

Many of your questions will be answered if you look at More on Celtic Journeys (see link below)

You might like to see our Photo Gallery, with pictures of each country visited.

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